Storm Shutter Care & Maintenance

from Gulf Coast Shutter in Destin, Florida

Yearly storm protection maintenance is a must. We would like to provide you with maintenance recommendations and let you know about our service program. The idea is to NOT WAIT until a hurricane near to find out that your shutters are not working properly because they have not been maintained and serviced.

We care about our customers long after the sale, feel free to call us to service your shutters or to answer any questions that you may have about maintenance.

Accordion Shutter Care & Maintenance

  • Keep your bottom accordion track clean by vacuuming the track out periodically.
  • Check the top roller wheels for breakage, spraying them with silicone spray will keep them running smoothly in the track.
  • The (4) vertical locking pins need to be prayed with silicone spray so that you can lock and unlock them easily.
  • Try to wipe down the accordion blades to keep them clean from salt spray and dirt buildup which can varnish the paint.
  • When accordion is in its closed position try to keep your Velcro and holding clip indoors away from the weather conditions.
  • Spray the lock on the accordion with silicone to keep the internal gears moving freely to prevent seizing.
  • These steps should be done at least 2 times each year to keep your shutters working correctly.

    Rolling Shutter Care & Maintenance

  • Shutters should be washed with fresh water. Sand and salt will have a tendency to build up on the shutters if they are not properly maintained.
  • All guides should be lubricated with silicone spray.
  • All caulked areas should be examined for cracks that occur over time.
  • These steps should be taken at least 2 times per year.

    GCS Advantage Program

    The GCS Advantage Program will save you time and money. When a storm is bearing down, we know it is essential that your hurricane protection works! You don't have time to look for parts or money to spend replacing pieces. The GCS Advantage Program will close this time, money and service gap. We will schedule service visits to ensure your system is at peak performance.

    Rolling Shutter Maintenance Includes:

    Rolling shutters will be inspected to unsure they are working properly. Any adjustments will be made as necessary. Accumulated debris will be removed from inside the hood as well as at the slats on both sides. Debris from the bottom slat and tracks will be removed as well. Additionally, while your curtains are closed, they will be sprayed down with a hose to remove any dirt and salt build up from the air.

    Accordion Shutter Maintenance Includes:

    All accordions will be inspected (including shutter blades, tracks and locks) to ensure they are working properly. Shutters will be cleaned of debris and the tracks, casters, & locks will be lubricates. All shutters will be checked for proper operation and locking. Accordions may have pins with thumb screws. We will open and remove thumb screws on locking pins and lubricate with "Corrosion X". If your accordions have Velcro straps, we will make certain the straps attach properly. We will rinse all vertical blades along with upper and lower tracking systems.

    If this maintenance program is something you are interested in, call our office at 850-269-1066, or email us at We serve Walton and Okaloosa Counties from Panama City to Pensacola. We look forward to serving you.


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