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Researching Next Generation of High Performance Weather, Climate Models

NOAA January 31,2014
NOAA and the U.S. Navy are teaming up with academic and other government scientists to design the next generation of powerful supercomputer models to predict weather, ocean conditions and regional climate change.

Four teams of scientists are beginning projects this month to rewrite computer models that will create faster, lower-cost, article.

Storm Safety May Bring Perils July 12, 2009Hurricane Season - Florida
Thousands of Florida consumers may have a dangerous false sense of security when the next hurricane strikes because they have purchased home protection products that are unproven or even unsafe. The state does little to help consumers navigate the dizzying array of home hurricane protection products, from straps like giant seat belts to window covers attached with Velcro-like material. And it does not prevent businesses from marketing untested or... read article.

Storm, and Consumer, Protection July 14, 2009
Few home improvement projects are more important than hurricane protection. Yet choosing the right system -- shutters, panels or other products that are supposed to keep people and property safe -- can be immensely... read article.

Early Storms Don't Guarantee Busy Hurricane Season June 1, 2009
Today's not only the first of the month or the start of the summer season meteorologically: It's the first day of hurricane season 2009. On this day, forecasters often begin speculating about when the season's first storm will form in the Atlantic. There's no need to wonder about that this year, because there's already been a tropical depression -- before the official season... read article.

IHPA Forms Consumer Safety Task Force for Hurricane Protection Products

Hurricane Shutters Florida December 22, 2008
Bill Feeley, President of the International Hurricane Protection Association (IHPA), has announced the formation of the Consumer Safety Task Force for Hurricane Protection Products, intended to act in unison with the Florida Attorney General's office to protect consumers who have been, and are being subjected to deceptive or misleading trade practices by unscrupulous... read article.

Citizens of Florida to Require Hurricane Protection Beginning January 1, 2009

Hurricane Shutters Florida December1, 2008
Beginning January 1, 2009 single family homes located in the Windborne Debris Area (WBDR), insured by Citizens, that have an insured value of more than $750,000.00 will be required to document the existence of FBC Approved hurricane protection before renewal; owners that fail to comply will be ... read article.

Colorado Hurricane Team Now Predicts Average Season April 7, 2009
FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — Hurricane experts at Colorado State University have scaled back their prediction for the Atlantic and now say this will be an average season with 12 named storms, including six hurricanes. They say two of them could be... read article.

Florida Lawmakers 'Waking Up' to Insurance Failures April 9, 2009
By EVAN LEHMANN, ClimateWire — Florida is trying to cure its insurance "disease." State lawmakers are abandoning long-held promises to lower rates for hurricane policies -- even amid the prospect of stronger storms -- in favor of rapid hikes to rescue public insurance programs that could sink, financially speaking, during the looming... read article.


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