GCS Goes Green

"Protecting your home and our environment"

While quality service and performance are of utmost importance to us, Gulf Coast Shutter is also committed to minimizing the carbon footprint left by these practices.

Gulf Coast Shutter Goes GreenA Few of of the ways GCS Practices Green Initiatives

  • Reducing printing, and giving friendly reminders to not print unless absolutely necessary
  • Recycling plastic and unusable electronics
  • Turning off light and electronics when not in use
  • Set thermostat a few degrees warmer in the summer, a few degrees cooler in winter
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging

GCS uses promotional products that meet green standards. Instead of products that are harmful to the environment, we have turned to earth-friendly alternative products to use during promotions. From replanting trees in devastated forests to piggy banks made from recycled denim scraps and plastic, we are committed to making a change for our environment.

GCS offers products to help reduce your energy usage and help your home go green. Throughout partnerships with Wayne-Dalton, Overhead Door and many more, we offer products that will help to not only reduce cost but can help make your home more environmentally sustainable. Check the sites below to see what our manufacturers are doing to go "green" and contact us to discuss how GCS can help you protect your home and our environment.

Manufacturer's Green Websites

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors


JELD-WEN has committed themselves to using recycled materials through their manufacturing process and work to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. They have many ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows and exterior doors that are designed to save energy, reduce home heating and cooling costs, and keep homes comfortable year-round. JELD-WEN is dedicated to leaving little to no carbon footprint with their actions. Click below to see the Environmental Statement and Brochure.

Overhead Door

Overhead Door

Overhead Door offers EcoBuilt garage doors, which are made from unused Douglas-fir from mills. They then fuse it with exterior grade resins and wax to form a hard-working homogenous door panel. EcoBuilt® garage doors resist splitting, warping and cracking, unlike conventional wood doors, and they won’t dent or bend like steel doors. They’re easy to install and they come prepped for painting, eliminating the need for exterior priming. They are made from a minimum of 88% recycled content. These doors come in a variety of styles.



Wayne-Dalton is committed to going green by introducing insulated garage doors that will reduce energy usage. They are the first garage door and opener company to join the U.S. Green Building Council (USCBG), a non-profit organization composed of leaders from every sector of the building industry. By using recycled steel, and innovative methods, they are working hard to supply green products. Click below to learn more about Wayne-Dalton's commitment to go green.

Atlantic Premium Shutters

Atlantic Premium Shutters

Atlantic Premium Shutters offers many options of shutters that are made from 100% reusable and recyclable materials. Their ecoScorecard allows you to search for the green products they offer. GCS carries all Atlantic Premium Shutters products. To view their ecoScorecard, click below.



Transparent Protection Systems, Inc. offers ValueGuard, a cost-effective form of hurricane protection. The lightweight material allows up to 45 percent light infiltration unlike other forms of protection, which reduces energy usage.


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